Brush Clearance in Los Angeles

‘making your community a safer place’

Extreme Fire Danger Today Sign IsolatedProperty must be cleaned as required prior to May 1st so that it can pass the 1st Fire Department Inspection, thereby avoiding a time consuming 2nd inspection, which leads to a expensive 3rd Inspection. Property owners who are unable to clear their landscape vegetation themselves should hire a professional to do this for them. Note there is no need for property owners to call the Fire Department for an inspection, as a Los Angeles Fire Department computer keeps track of all properties. When your property is in need of an inspection, the appropriate Inspector will be automatically notified.

1st Inspection:

The 1st inspection is done by the Los Angeles Fire Department Brush Task Force, beginning the first week in May and continuing for 6 weeks until all properties in the brush zone have been inspected. Property found to be non-compliant will be issued a Notice of Violation. The property owner will then have 15 days to comply with the Notice of Violation.

2nd Inspection:

Property owners issued with a Notice of Violation on the 1st inspection will be inspected a 2nd time after the 15 day period to comply has passed. If the property is then found to be in compliance, the owner will receive notification from the Los Angeles Fire Department Brush Unit. If the property is not fully in compliance the owner will be notified via mail and the property will be assigned to the Area Inspector. The Area Inspector will then photograph the non-compliant property and create a package that will be presented to the City brush clearance contractors for bid.

3rd Inspection

When a 3rd inspection is required there is an automatic fee assessed to the property. The fee is applied even if the property is found to be compliant at the time of this 3rd inspection. This fee is for an Inspector having to inspect the property for a 3rd time. To avoid this cost, property owners must be in compliance by the 1st inspection and no later than the 2nd inspection.

If your property fails a 3rd inspection:

Property not in compliance with the Los Angeles Fire Department Brush Clearance requirements following the 3rd inspection will be cleared by Fire Department order. The property owner will then be charged for the cost of clearance, plus the 3rd inspection fee, plus an administrative fee. Failure to clear your property in accordance with the regulations in a timely fashion is not only expensive, but endangers the lives and homes of your neighbors and the firefighters. To learn more about the Los Angeles Brush Clearance Program, including as to why property owners who live in a Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone (VHFHSZ) receive a $23 invoice from the Los Angeles Fire Department, please visit:

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